Wood Gas Stoves

During WW2, people used downdraft gasifiers, to extract the gas from biomas and then used this gas to power their vehicles.
Burning wood in an open fire to cook your meal, is inefficient. This stove uses the principles of those gasifiers and you use less wood to cook your meal.      
I used a 5litre paint tin with 8x12mm holes on bottom. On the smaller tin, I drilled 6x5mm holes on the              
bottom, 16x5mm holes on the bottom side and 12x5mm holes on the top side.The lid of the 5litre paint tin is
cut out so that the smaller tin fits tightly.
 Woodgas flame.                              Using smaller tins.                            Cooking spinach.
See MY VIDEO (size:18MB, 3min long), which shows you how to build a simple woodgas stove using scrapped tins.
CLICK HERE (size:270kb) for a comprehensive report on woodgas stoves.