Sourdough bread

I buy whole wheat at the local seed company and then grind it in my small grinder or use stone ground, no preservatives flour. To prepare the starter, I mix 1/2cup rye flour and 1/2cup whole wheat flour and mix in 1cup water. Leave for about 2-3 days in a warm place, not hot. The mixture will double in size and have small bubbles. If mould starts to form, you will have to start again.
I then pour most of this starter mixture into another bowl and add one cup ground wheat and some sea salt. Add a little more flour or water, to get a sticky mixture. This will give you about a 500g loaf. Add to an olive oiled cast iron pot. Let it stand for about 3hrs - it will rise. I bake the bread in my solar oven with the pot glass lid so it keeps the heat better. Takes about 4hrs. Remember to add another cup rye or wheat flour with 1cup water to starter bowl, to continue your starter for your next loaf of bread. If you not using starter mixture, put it in the fridge.
If it suddendly gets cloudy, then I bake my bread in my fireplace. I have also "steamed" my bread in a pot within a pot. I add 1/2litre boiling water between the 2 pots and then steam the bread on the stove or woodgas stove. This method uses less energy than putting it in the oven. I add a small dish cloth between the two pot bases. The lid should be added to the inside pot to prevent the steam from wetting the dough. If you steam the bread, it will come out slightly more moist. If you prefer it drier, and the sun is shining later, put it in the solar oven for about 2hrs.