Solar Geyser

The plastic solar geyser array, was developed by Jose Alano, a retired Brazilian mechanic. It uses 2L cold drink bottles and long life milk/fruit juice tetra pak cartons. He shows you how to build it with PVC pipe. Most of the units below, I used 15mm black LDPE irrigation pipe instead of the PVC pipe. Copper pipe is more efficient but it's also more expensive and prone to theft.  


Bottle solar geyser array that I built with 10+10 array at Ruth's home.

 Solar array at my home that I had for two years, with 10(PVC)+15(Cu) columns. .In summer I got temperatures of 45 deg cel and in winter 32 deg cel. I have since built another variation as detailed below.

At Natural Dynamix school, children helped with the array assembly and Pharough helped me install.


Four column array built by Prince, apprentice electrician.

A 20L solar bottle geyser that these inmates at Johannesburg prison Medium B training centre constructed.
Albert built his plastic bottle solar geyser and uses the water for washing and cooking. He says "My paraffin bill is smaller now".


Nomsa at 633 Denver squatter camp with her 10 column array gesyer. Her paraffin bill has halved.


Ruth's chaps with their plastic bottle geyser.

Below is another variation that I built and is more efficient than the bottle solar array, primarily because of the use of more expensive copper piping and aluminium backing sheet. I use the electric backup element, when the water is not hot enough due to very cold weather, clouds or rain.
A frame 1.2mx1.8m using 35mmx35mm wooden frame with masonite backing board. A coat of enamel paint to protect it from the elements.
For insulation, a layer of carpet underfelt.
Over the carpet underfelt, add aluminium sheeting 0.3mm thick. In this case, waste sheets from the lithographers were used and then painted black.
The copper array has 15 columns about 110mm apart and 105mm long. As a cover, 1mm polycarbonate sheeting is used. In winter, temperatures of 35 to 40 deg cel is achieved in the holding tank. 
CLICK HERE (size: 1MB) to download the plastic bottle solar array detailed instruction PDF file. 
CLICK HERE. (size: 60kb) to download the article that appeared in email newsletter,
CLICK HERE (40kb) to download a spreadsheet on KWH required to heat water.