Natural Pool

A natural pool uses a wetland to clean the water, instead of chlorine or salt chlorinators. After looking at, I decided to build a small outdoor pool that is cleaned by nature.
A landscaping friend gave me a fibreglass pond - salvaged from one of his sites. That would be my "swimming pool". For the wetland, I cut an old 1000L flowbin in half, which will hold about 400Litre water.
Fill the wetland with crusher stone and plant into that medium. The wetland is populated with wetland plants, eg. papyrus, iris, lilies etc.I used old 5L plastic water bottles, cut out holes, filled them with crusher stone and planted my plants. 
Having a dip in my "swimming pool". The wetland and pool are connected by a 15mm irrigation pipe. A small 5W pump, moves water from the pool to the wetland and then gravity moves the water to the pool via the 15mm irrigation pipe.
 The water is clear. The wetland plants removes the nutrients from the water, for its own growth and algae does not easily grow.  To clean the debris that falls to the bottom, I use a stronger pump to suck the water from the bottom and into the wetland, once a month.