Community gardens

There is something special about growing your own food - its very empowering, rewarding and satisfying.   To extend my knowledge, I attended a permaculture course at ecovillage in the Eastern Cape, a grow biointensive course by and another permaculture course at But I have learnt the most from experimenting in my own backyard and getting involved with community gardens. Below are some community gardens that I have assisted.
Rhodes Park library - Kensington. 
Jeppe girls high school volunteers        Volunteers working at the garden.       St. James preparatory school scholars
building a pond.                                                                                          planting some seedlings.
 Noah's Arc - Malvern
An area with plenty rubble behind      The children preparing the beds.       The fruits of the labour.
a church.
Yeoville Clinic
Community work program workers,   Beds prepared and a small pond        Vegetables growing.
ready for work.    
Observatory bowling club
An abadoned bowling green was transformed into a vegetable garden with the help of community work program (CWP)
St Giles disabled home - Dewetshof                             Sizwe hospital - Sandringham