After running my vehicle for 150,000km on a two tank system of starting up on diesel and then switching over to Waste Vegetable Oil, I decided to start making biodiesel. It is a process that requires attention to safety because the chemicals used are dangerous. Please take extra care.

I used the following websites to build my processor and to get the recipe. 

Biodiesel processor flow diagram

The main processor tank on the right and the storage or washing tank on the left. These are recycled 210lt steel drums.
The blue 750watt pump. You could also use a 350watt pump. Inlet valve on left, process valve in centre, and transfer valve on right.

Heater element (1500watt with thermostat) and temperature gauge. 
Sprayer made of LDPE irrigation pipe with 5mm holes drilled and closed off at the other end with stopper.
Breather pipe directed outside.
Methoxide valve (blue handle) for receiving methoxide mixture. To suck the methoxide, I open the methoxide valve and partly close the inlet valve (red handle).

Pump mini outlet valve, used to remove any glycerol and water from the pump before adding new batch of waste vegetable oil.
Outlet valve used to remove glycerol, water and biodiesel from the process tank.